Where Fashion Meets Technology:Neeta Lulla Creates The First Fibre Optic Bridal Ensemble In India!

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When it comes to bridal couture, no one can be as versatile and panoramic as Neeta Lulla. Just as we were going through her exquisite collections of bridal wear, we stumbled upon something that is a totally new concept in India- a beautiful optical fiber wedding ensemble! And when the Queen herself embarks upon the journey of creating something magnificent, be rest assured, it is always going to be a wonderful spectacle!

The ingenuity that Neeta Lulla gives to a bridal outfit is truly remarkable. She places a lot of emphasis on the life cycle of the product. She is of the opinion that bridal attire should be wearable even after your wedding and a treasure to be cherished forever. It should be original and symbolic of your special moments.

In case you’re wondering what exactly is fiber optic, it is a thin flexible fiber that is used to transmit light with a glass core. This veteran designer created this stunning bridal ensemble for the lucky bride, Sana Khan, who is married to Adel Sajan. Sana looked breathtakingly beautiful in this splendid modern day Cinderella gown. The technical aspects were a knotty business with 20 hidden buttons and wires that were connected to each other via 2 batteries for each tiny button. Even though getting this kind of dress made might be an arduous task, it was a piece of cake for this talented designer. Since the USP of a Neeta Lulla bridal outfit is unparalleled uniqueness, she carried it out with great panache. And we wonder how she always gets it right, all the time!

This skilled couturier has masterfully fused expert innovation, technical brilliance and stellar design aesthetics to develop a fiber optic wedding ensemble that is one of a kind in India, making her the first Indian designer to successfully accomplish an unprecedented conceptualization. This novel concept has given a new and distinctive edge to the idea of fairytale weddings.

Neeta Lulla has always been inspirational and is well known for her exceptional artistry and finesse. Gracefully combing fashion, art and technology together, this fashion aficionado has given us yet another reason to appreciate and marvel at her creativity and authenticity.





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