The Best Fashion Apps In India For Fashion Enthusiasts

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Technology has made our lives so much easier and shopping twice the fun! With so many different options in fashion, trends, colours, accessories etc. it can be quite a task to get that perfect outfit for any occasion. It is also very time consuming to visit the stores, every time you want to buy something. And time, really, is a luxury. So in order to end this dilemma, we bring you some of the best fashion apps in the country. They are simple and easy to download. You can now shop till you drop with just the click of a button. Scroll down through these and we are sure you’ll find something you fancy!



One of the best fashion apps in India, WOOPLR is a curated fashion app that houses the latest trends in fashion. It is free for all iOS and Android users. Its personalized feature is what makes it stand out. You could choose your own outfits according to your personal style from a wide range of stylish Menswear and Womenswear collections. Also, you get fashion advice from some of the best stylists in India.



This app helps you create your own looks. It has plenty of options and a feature where you could mix and match different outfits to create something unique. They swear by style updates every 30 second! You could also follow leading fashion brands, bloggers, stylists and celebrities. There is ample amount of fashion information from leading fashion magazines to keep you updated with the latest trends. It also curates beautiful designer wear and is one of the best apps for Indo-western fashion. Available to all iOS, Windows and Android users for free.


                                                                                   STYLEDOTMEThe best feature of this application is that it clears your confusion and helps you choose from two different outfits. You could simply put up pictures of different items and this app enables you to create a poll with a set timer. Anyone using the app could vote and help you instantly in real time! It is very personalized and you get expert fashion advice from their in-house panel of fashion stylists and bloggers. This app is available for free to all Windows, iOS and Android users.



This is another leading application for fashion forward people. This app is very useful when it comes to choosing a piece of clothing as seen on your favorite Bollywood celebrities. You could also shop by what’s trending currently and ask a question if you like a particular item and where to get it. Available to all iOS and Android users for free.



This app helps in making a selection of the perfect ensemble according to your body type and skin tone. It caters exclusively to female customers and helps you choose from a variety of ethnic wear, western wear, accessories, beauty and lingerie preferences. Available to all Windows, Android and iOS users for free.






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