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Sanglyan keeps telling me that you cannot be proud of anything unless you know you’ve shed sweat and tears and while I really can’t understand the Metaphor, I have, to a degree come to understand that nothing comes easy. One needs to have the grit, the will power to sweat yourself and work as hard as possible to get what you want. Ironically, I’m not talking about hard work on the blog. I’m always laid back when it comes to blogging but I’ve been trying to sweat out those extra pounds that I gained during Christmas and New year and every occasion that seems to crop up that serves good drinks and food. And boy it hurts to sweat!


So coming back to the story, I’ve tried to be on the right path to fitness this year. Tried to be, sounds much better as I find myself lapsing into the couch, procrastinating and ending up becoming a couch potato. And the cycle seems to continue lately. I did try to work out fervently a couple of days in January, trying to lose those tummy flabs, which makes me feel like I have a dough stuck around my waist (that’s how bad I feel right now) , buying fitness equipments and most importantly- fancy fitness-wear thinking the sight of the flab I’ve gained will motivate me.  But now, I see them lying on one corner of my room, lamenting their fate at the hands of a lazy woman who would rather spend time watching movies and playing Uno than spend some minutes utilising them! And then looking at my sorry plight my friends suggested that I go out and play some games involving physical activity since I don’t really like working out in the Gym or even my house!






Which leads me to write about the story of the outfit that I’m wearing. I will tell you that in the process of trying to lose that extra weight (mentally), I began my almost fitness story by first collecting the fitness wear and gear. I’m not particularly proud to write that I want to work out but the willpower dies the moment I step out of the desk that I’m typing this post from. I’d been an athletic kid and the only thing toned about me right now would probably be my legs. Not that I wasn’t toned earlier, it’s just that I’ve become supremely lazy and I spend all my time online. Which ofcourse is a terrible habit, mind you! Not that I’m not aware of it.

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Okay, so coming back to the story of how I got this outfit, I went to Max, firstly to see myself on the stands ( I heard that my pictures were on the stands in the Max store so I was excited! You can’t really blame me? ) and secondly to get myself some new clothes one of which I wore[ here ]. While meandering across the sections, I came across the sportswear section – very affordable sports bras and shorts which I collected again and then I see this dress and the thought of my friend suggesting I go play some outdoor games came into my mind. Now I wouldn’t really play a game wearing a midi dress and I suddenly realised I had no proper sportswear at all. Besides a couple of sneakers here and there, I don’t really see myself wearing shorts and playing. I think I’m fancy to not try to dress up when I’m playing a game! So this dress happened. Yup! Its actually a dress from the new sports collection on Max Fashions and you cannot blame me for picking something very different.

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So I picked up this dress with the Olive button down dressthat I wore earlier and I convinced myself that new clothes are the only thing that motivates me to sweat it out. After getting this dress, the charm really worked for the urge to show off this dress on the playground motivated me to go and sweat those flabs. Not to mention the amount of sunburn, but it was amazing! I played in the courts after years, made new friends, borrowed some random strangers Skateboard and played non stop until he gave up and started playing basketball instead. Well, I didn’t really enjoy so much in that Skateboard (not the fancy moves atleast for I feared a broken jaw or a severely bruised arm had I tried to show some fancy moves during this post without wearing any protective gear! And I can’t do those moves either.  And I’m better off dribbling.

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This shoot was planned and not coincidental like some of my shoots. And shooting in playgrounds are strictly prohibited. We may have broken a couple of rules while trying to make this post but this was all a part of the motivation I got from Sanglyan and Ashish to try to work harder towards achieving my fitness goals(after all the jokes they made of me), while listening to some really lewd electronic music (which we got addicted too as some may have seen on my Snapchat: bhlm-nilu) and playing Uno. Offline these guys always make fun of me and I wanted to show to them that I did mean to work hard and sweat it out.

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Now there is fun in doing restricted things and I’ve always loved breaking rules since I was a kid. And I still love doing it. Well not so much as before but isn’t there an excitement in doing things you’re not supposed to do? And how was I supposed to show you how fun this dress is and why I got it in the first place, if I didn’t blog about me wearing it in the place I meant it to be worn when I got it in the first place! And I don’t know who the stranger boy with me in the gif is but he was a god-send for I started feeling bored juggling the basketball between two men who love to make me lose in any games we play (men-power at its best) and so I decided to go off with someone’s skateboard, skate a bit initially and make them both do some work by making them take pictures from any possible angle where we wouldn’t be seen taking pictures. Now that was the fun part for since Sanglyan and Ashish had teamed up the previous night to make me lose all possible rounds in Uno (men are wicked) , I decided to ensure that I made them take pictures everytime their Basketball game got hot!

Indian Fashion Blogger Bighairloudmouth - Nilu Yuleena Thapa - Max Fashions - Sports Luxe Collection -12


Indian Fashion Blogger Bighairloudmouth - Nilu Yuleena Thapa - Max Fashions - Sports Luxe Collection -14


So I jumped and played in the Sports Luxe collection dress from Max Fashions (also available now in www.landmarkshops.inwore an Adidas Originals Sneaker and played this game in the Play Arena Bangalore and ofcourse scored the maximum points in the game (girlpower!)

I also chose only the pictures Ashish took of me because, well he has a better gear.

So I hope you enjoyed this severely long post, that took me a really long time to compose, and I hope you have a great week ahead!


Nilu Yuleena

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