Sustainable Indian Fashion Brands To Watch Out For

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Clothing is one of the basic necessities of life. However, it has had some serious consequences on the planet when it comes to the production of garments and ethical practices like child labour, sweatshops, fair-trade, minimum wage etc. Sustainability has become one of the biggest challenges that the fashion industry faces today. Producing clothing that is eco-friendly, free from harmful chemicals and that does not damage the environment is our social responsibility, and a major concern among the fashion intellects. Being ethical is crucial to the survival of many independent households. By employing sustainable practices, we can utilize our consumer faculty wisely and raise our voice for the eco-friendly movement.

Here’s our edit of the major organic and sustainable fashion brands across India, which are known for their organic and environmental friendly collections.


No Nasties


(Source:No Nasties)

Founded by Apurva Kothari, No Nasties has proved itself to be a serious sustainable fashion revolution by using 100% Fairtrade cotton in all of their products. They manufacture pure and organic clothing from fairtrade cotton for women and men. They are proud of their eco-friendly manufacturing process, which includes an entirely organic and green process.

Upasana Studio


Founded by Uma Prajapati, Upasana Studio has started a sustainable fashion revolution through upcycled products. This socially conscious and responsible brand has a natural approach towards production of beautiful ethnic wear for both men and women. Upasana Studio does not believe in any form of wastage and makes use of indigenous cotton and vegetable dyes.



Founded by Shivam Punjya, Behno is committed to ethical practices and works for the betterment of women artisans who earns less than 1$ per day. Behno has made a positive impact in the livelihood of handicraftswomen across India. This brand believes that fashion can only be a luxury if it is sustainable and eco-friendly. Behno boasts of beautiful and stylish renditions of design made out of exquisite Indian hand woven textiles.





Based out of Jaipur, this brand has revolutionized Indian textiles, arts and crafts. Anokhi boasts of excellent craftsmanship, and produces eco-friendly textiles using natural dyes and organic products. Anokhi is well known for its traditional prints and ornamental weaving techniques like delicate embroidery, applique, beadwork, patchwork etc. It produces beautiful collections of indo-western and ethnic wear in India.

Metaphor Racha

(Source:Metaphor Racha)

Based out of Bangalore, Metaphor Racha will make you fall in love with Khadi. All of their products are entirely hand woven without any carbon footprint, chic and environmental friendly. According to Metaphor Racha, Khadi is not just a fabric; it is a way of life. This brand is synonymous to sustainability and has contributed immensely to the society in terms of corporate social responsibility.



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