Make Your Hair Grow Faster, The Old Fashioned Way.

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Let’s go old school and follow a few simple tips to make your hair grow faster and who knows you might be the next Rapunzel!

A Healthy and Balanced Diet

You are what you eat! It is important to have a well-balanced and healthy diet in order to make your hair grow longer and faster. Remember, your hair needs proteins and vitamins too. Proteins are a very essential diet if you want hair that is thick, long, healthy and strong. Your diet plans should include eggs, chicken, fish, meat and pulses. However, make sure you don’t overeat and exercise regularly.

Get trimmed at regular intervals

Trust us, split ends will get you nowhere. Yes, we do understand: you don’t want to shorten the length of your beautiful locks but believe us when we say that it is actually going to make your hair grow faster. Split ends damage the ends of your hair and work its way upwards, thereby damaging the entire length of your hair. So in order to avoid that, get your hair trimmed regularly.

Rinsing your hair in cold water

Rinse your tresses in cold water to seal the cuticles. It will also prevent the loss of moisture and any heat damage.

Dry scalp massage

Gently massage your scalp with the help of your fingertips. This will help in stimulating blood circulation and your hair follicles will get nutrients more quickly.

Use a good conditioner

Show your hair some TLC by giving it a conditioning boost, which will help in getting healthier and shiny hair, full of volume.

Avoid shampooing your hair every single day

Sure, shampoo washes away dirt from your mane but it also takes away natural oils that are essential for your hair. So do not wash your hair everyday. If your hair feels oily, make use of a dry shampoo.


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