‘Reminisce’ by Mishru Creates A Powerful Balance Between Classic Conventions And Contemporary Style At The Lakme Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2019

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Oh how we crave those beautiful and indulgent summer nights full of bloom, sweet laughter, and fond memories! As we become intoxicated with rapture from the beautiful past, our hearts are filled with delightful nostalgia and a deep yearning to connect with the enchanting memories of days gone by. Reminiscing the glory of the past is exactly what Mishru, the Hyderabad based designer label brings to life, with an opulent collection of couture wear entitled ‘Reminisce’ at the recently concluded Lakme Fashion Week summer/resort 2019. ‘Reminisce’ is remarkably traditional and infused with contemporary appeal at the same time, thereby, creating a powerful balance between the old and the new.

Hyderabad is a place of colonial magnificence, which is second to none. The abundance of exceptional design aesthetics: be it fashion, art or architecture, rich Literature that inspire, music that touch our souls, delectable cuisines that satisfy our gastronomical urges, demonstrate a rich cultural significance and plenty of character. This legendary city has perfectly kept its old world traditions alive, with a very modern dynamism. ‘Reminisce’ creates a captivating picture of the enticing past with an influx of old-world romance that integrates with modern design aesthetics to create a beautiful promise of harmony, novelty and balance.

There has been a lot of emphasis on the historic and royal Nizamian era with the use of the Gota work known as Hyderabadi Lampi. Romantic floral motifs and the use of Gota Lampi take centre stage with subtle hues of ivory, white, pink, and grey, gracefully draped in silk, organza, and tulle. The beautiful hand embroidery is rendered to perfection and the signature surface embellishments used are pearls and glass pellets.

The chic and elegant ensembles are truly a perfect vision of immaculate craftsmanship, creativity and an exquisite blend of modern style and classic conventions. Mishru, undoubtedly, brings a little extra to the table. Every. Single. Time.


                                                                         Image Courtesy: Vogue India

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