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what lies PREVENT?

PREVENT is a key objective in the health systems Counter Terrorism Strategy (contest, sweepstakes).

answer customer the ideological challenge of extremism and counteract messages of hate and negativity from those who promote it.

Work with various institutions including social care, medical, school, prison justice, Faith communities and voluntary sectors to address potential risk of radicalisation.

trust your instincts it cheap seahawks jerseys
could disrupt terrorist planning and save lives.

That’s the message from Northumbria Police as we encourage use of the discreet anti terrorist hotline.

Unusual activity or behaviour which seems out of place may be terrorist related and anyone who notices such behaviour is being urged to pass on details via the freephone hotline on 0800 789 321.

View the anti terror strategy video online

Terrorism. if you worry it, record it.

Terrorists won’t succeed if suspicious activity is reported by members of the public, And that a person could be you.

If you thinkyouhave seen something cynical or you are unsure about somebody’s activities or behaviour, However simple it may seem at the time, conversation the hotline. Calls are taken in confidence by specialist officers who will analyse the information you have. They’ll decide if and ways to follow it up. Your call would be vital to us, However unsure could very well be.

there’s room for complacency.

The terrorist threat remains real then there’s no room for complacency. The public should remain alert cheap baseball jerseys
and aware of their area at all times. If something strikes you as suspicious and out of place then believe in your instincts and call the police.

Terrorists have to live in a place. They store their equipment and materials scattered. required vehicles.

They have people who help them and men and women might come and go at strange times of the day and night.

They may make unusual financial buys or use false documents to hide their real identities. Perhaps a friend or acquaintance has been cheap nhl jerseys
behaving differently lately?

The following are just some of the things you should be taking care of:

ship Terrorists need travel. If you work in commercially manufactured vehicle hire or sales, Has a sale or rental made you shady?

documentation Terrorists use multiple identities. Do you have an acquaintance with documents in different names for no obvious reason?

mobile phones Terrorists need communication. unseen, payg and stolen mobiles are typical. Have you seen someone with large volumes of mobile phones? Has it made you cynical?

Cameras Terrorists need concept. Observation and surveillance help terrorists plan attacks. Have you seen anyone taking pictures of security arrangements?

Chemicals Do you have an acquaintance buying large or unusual quantities of chemicals for no obvious reason?

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