Monsoon Exclusive – Wet Waterproof Tips

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The Signature face feature for this season is Brows & Lips, as these 2 features on a face gives the maximum feature point in this gloomy weather: and gives you a brighter look!

SKIN the body does not ask for water as much as it does in the summer, but always make it a point to stay hydrated by having 7-9 glasses of water a day.

Always wear sun protection although you may think that there is no direct sun exposure.

For dry skin – Humidity in the air clogs pores. Cleanse at least twice a day and moisturise well.

For oily skin – Humidity in the air will release more oil from your pores. Use an oil free cleanser 2-3 times a day and apply a mild moisturiser.

FOUNDATION – Keep the makeup base minimal in this weather. Your skin ought to look like an extension of yourself and not a mask. Tinted moisturizer, in your exact skin tone, is the best option more than a foundation liquid or powder based foundation– Nars Pure radiant tinted moisturizer

CONCEALER – Avoid using concealer, as the humidity will make it cloggy after sometime.

EYEBROW – This is the biggest feature point on your face, ensure your Brows are in in space with your face symmetry and fill the gaps in with – Bobbi Brown Waterproof Brow Shaper

BLUSH – A pop of colour on your cheeks is all you need to look and feel brighter in the rains. Creamy blush on the cheeks is yum and water friendly too!

It looks the prettiest what you cant tell when you are wearing a blush, hence Cream blush or cheek tint is a better option than a powder blush. It’s easier to apply and blend on a tinted moisturizer base and it will last longer, giving it a fresh dewy finish – Bobbi Brown Pot rouge (Cheek and Lips tint)

Apricot, Pink and Peach shades will look fresher compared to the nude, brown or bronze tones.

LIPS – Keep your lips matt and minimal. Lip stain is the best option, as it will not smudge in the rain. Filling in your lips with a lip liner also makes it more long lasting.

Put the maximum colour on the central inner part of your lips. Smudge the colour outwards, fading towards the lip line. This will give it a more natural, stained look. Avoid using a lip liner to define the lips – Body Shop Lip Stain

EYES – Use the Award Winning Bobbi Brown “Long wear Gel eyeliner” or the Waterproof smudge proof Eyeliner, just to fill in the gaps at the root of your top lashes to give an illusion of fuller lashes. Top it off with a – Bobbi Brown No Smudge (Water resistant) mascara.

JUST REMEMBER – “Brows & Lips”


  • Bobbi Brown – Waterproof Brow Shaper
  • Nars – Pure radiant tinted moisturizer
  • Body Shop – Lip stain
  • Bobbi Brown – Waterproof eye liner with No Smudge mascara



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