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Diamond Brooch Cum Pendant By DiamondTree

 “All Work And No Play Makes Jill A Dull Girl” the famous idiom repeatedly played on my mind when I was playfully browsing through the spectacular jewelry at the Forevermark private preview held for bloggers at the FourSeasons, Mumbai. I completely enjoyed myself reviewing the intricate jewelry and while doing so I thought of curating my own style quotient that could make a trend for the red carpet.


Front Is Back – RedCarpet Trend Alert

Look A – Layering the Medallion Pendants Teamed with Brooches with Forevermark Diamonds and designed by Bibhu Mohapatra

Look B -Styling the Medallions at the back with brooches in the front.

It was easy for me to layer the baubles designed from The Artemis Collection by the international fashion designer Bibhu Mohapatra over my black jumpsuit with jewelry that has been inspired from the constellation along with motifs of Sun, Moon And Star. The jewelry worked perfectly as the fabric was thick enough to hold the brooches.

Look A – I created two different looks in which the first look had medallion pendants layered at different levels with a brooch on either side. I would suggest you skip wearing any other jewelry when sporting this look.
Look B – Experimenting the same jewelry by swinging the medallions at the back, so the back looks embellished in layers, while I slayed it at the front by wearing both the brooches on either side of the V neck jumpsuit.
StyleTip – Opt for a deep V neck and deep back if possible when wearing this jewelry, preferably a fabric thick enough to hold the bold brooches up and tight.
Wear the medallions in the day, add the brooches and you will be all set for a red carpet look!

Stackable Jewelry – RedCarpet Trend Alert 2

Trend Alert: Wearing A Cuff And Multiple Rings At Different Levels
Wearing the Artemis Collection by Bibhu Mohapatra and Forevermark India

Layering jewelry or stacking them has been my style mantra for the past few months. Bold cuffs and solitaire rings from The Artemis Collection by Bibhu Mohapatra managed grabbing my attention once again enough for me to stack them on both my wrists and slide my fingers through the rings at different levels.

Black Is Back – RedCarpet / Jewelry Trend Alert 3

  • Diamond Pendant Cum Brooch Clipped On Black Lace Choker By Diamondtree
    Diamond Pendant Cum Brooch Clipped On Black Lace Choker By Diamondtree
Black Oxidised Cuff with sparkling Forevermark Diamonds designed by Diamondtree

The ’90s inspired black lace choker clipped with a detachable diamond brooch cum pendant caught my attention as soon as I laid my eyes on it. The best part about this is its dainty and light weight look combined with round solitaire diamonds and interwoven chains. I complimented the look by adding an oxidised cuff clipped with a contemporary detachable brooch. This look might not make a red carpet statement but definitely makes a statement in self. Wouldn’t you agree ?


Hair Accessories – My Obsession, RedCarpet Trend Alert 4


Dainty Bird Hair Pin Studded With Diamonds By DiamondTree

Dainty Bird Hair Pin Studded With Diamonds By DiamondTree
Dainty Bird Hair Pin With Diamonds
By now most of my readers know my obsession for hair accessories and Tiaras. I couldn’t wait to slide these two dainty birds into my hair and have them photographed. Reminds me of the track, “Three Little Birds” by the legend Bob Marley ? Sometimes it makes me wonder, “Why women in India aren’t fond of precious hair accessories?” In my latest read, Brilliance And Fire by Rachelle Bergstein available on Amazon India its said that in New York in the late 1890’s a Tiara was considered a definitive wardrobe item and the hosts would request tiaras the way contemporary invitations denote black tie.”

What Are Forevermark Diamonds ?

Checking A Forevermark Inscription In The Diamond Inscription Testing Machine

Checking A Forevermark Inscription In The Diamond Inscription Testing Machine

I have been repeatedly talking about ForeverMark and I thought that I would explain to you what exactly Forevermark Diamonds stand for?
Forevermark is a part of the De Beers group of companies. At the heart of every Forevermark diamond lies a unique inscription, a symbol of an enduring commitment to integrity. As mentioned by them, they keep a careful track of Forevermark diamonds throughout the cutting and polishing process to ensure that each Forevermark diamond is natural, untreated and conflict free.

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