Makeup Tips For Indian Summers

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When it comes to summers in India, the only product that you need to stock is plenty of sunscreen lotion. Summers in India can be extreme, depending on a particular region. However, in the sweltering heat, you need to protect yourself from the oil and sweat and need to make sure that your makeup does not run and stays put throughout the day.

Here are a few tips:




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Sunscreen is an absolute necessity. As Indian summers can be really hot and humid, it is important to use sunscreen lotion regularly and protect your skin from excessive oil, grease and tan. Check the amount of SPF that you need and apply sunscreen lotion at least 30 minutes prior to getting your screen exposed to the sun. Before wearing makeup, it is advisable to apply sunblock all over your face and give it some time to settle down.

Use a tinted moisturiser and skip foundation




Keep things light. It is better to skip foundation as heavy makeup in the heat can result in caking and creasing. You could opt for a tinted moisturizer instead. It’s lightweight formula will not feel heavy on the skin and it evens out your skin tone, illuminating and adding radiance to your skin.




Bronzer adds warmth to your skin. However, do not overdo it and wear bronzer believably. Keep it natural looking, and apply a bronzer with a slightly peachy undertone to your forehead, cheekbones, and nose, rather than applying it all over your face.




Keep your makeup minimal and opt for a very light highlighter that does not make your face look oily and glowing too much in the heat.




It is advisable to wear a satin finish or matte lipstick or just a tinted lip balm. It is bound to stay put throughout the day, in the summer heat. You could also use this on your cheeks as a cream blush.



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Stick to a powder based and waterproof eye shadow in the summer. You could use a cream based eye shadow but make sure it does not feel heavy on the lids and use a coat of eye primer, rather than an eye cream, before applying your eye shadow.



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Use waterproof mascaras to avoid melting raccoon eyes. A long lasting formula will keep you safe for longer hours. If you have a striking hair colour, you could get your eyelashes tinted.

Hair spray


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The summer heat can totally damage your hair. Use a moisturising hairspray to lock in the moisture and protect your beautiful mane from dryness and frizziness.


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