Indian Jewellery Designer Handcrafts A Pendant In Honor Of Hillary Clinton

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By Prernaa Makhariaa / Jewellery Designer, Jewellery Blogger & Founder :

Jewellery as most of us know is a blend of inspiration, creativity, technicalities, finesse and elegance. How often do you come across a jeweller who not only creates jewelry as a piece of adornment but is extremely passionate, a visionary and can give life to any form of art transformed into jewelry? Rare, I suppose!

(L-R) Hillary Clinton And Pendant Designed By Laksh Pahuja

The 58th quadrennial United States presidential election of 2016 is in full swing which is, scheduled for Tuesday, November 8, 2016. You must be wondering why am I writing this on a jewelry blog? I have been associated with the jewelry industry fairly over a decade and during my journey there may be a handful of designers whose creativity has inspired me, one of them being Laksh Pahuja. Recently Laksh mentioned to me that he was designing and crafting a masterpiece in honor of Hillary Clinton being nominated as the democratic Presidential candidate. I was in awe of this beautiful piece of art and hence it deserved a story of its own.

Platinum Pendant Cum Brooch, Diamonds Set Along With Red, White And Blue Enamel.

Handcrafted in Platinum and studded with diamonds, this beautiful pendant cum brooch is an epitome of women’s empowerment. This candylicious jewel has red and white striped along with blue enamel that represents the US flag. Isn’t it beautiful?

Tribute To RK Laxman With Crow And An Elephant That Associates Him With Times Of India

Laksh’s buffet of creativity includes jewels inspired and crafted on social causes, bringing awareness on global warming and breast cancer. Also inspired by sports and eminent personalities, political leaders and many more.

Inspired by Mary Kom Victory At London Olympics. Designer - Laksh Pahuja.

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