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Some fashion trends are tricky to carry and you don’t really know what the best way to style them is. Take socks with sandals as an example. We know socks are to be worn with shoes, the thought of pairing them with sandals (heels specifically) is indeed tricky. Another such trend is Print on Print. It’s been in vogue since sometime now and surprisingly it still is and looks like it’ll continue to be in the limelight. From the magazine covers, to celebs, to bloggers, you literally spot them on everyone. Well we admit it’s not a piece of cake but we have tips for you which will help you up your style game. Also, Confidence is integral, remember to look confident everytime you opt for something out of your comfort zone.

  • Opt for prints of the same family


Probably the first thing that comes to your mind when you think print on print is two different prints. But that need not be the case. To begin with, opt for same print with different variation and for this stripes are the best. They’re the easiest to pair and you can never go wrong with them.

Striped Pants – Rs 639

Striped crop top – Rs 749

  • Use colour from the same scheme


Another important thing to keep into consideration is to wear colour from the same scheme. Pair a lighter colour with a darker one. This way you’re sure of not going wrong with the colours.

Printed navy blue skirt– Rs 839

Blue striped crop top– Rs 1049


  • Balance is the Key

Keep one print bold and balance the other one with a lighter, less flashy print. If you’re opting for a solid print in a colourful hue for example a tropical print or camo then keep the other print light and basic for example small checks or stripes. Choose black or neutral colours like brown, beige or white for a safe bet.

Printed chinos – Rs 1359

Brown striped top – Rs 918

  • Layer it up

For this trick, keep your bottoms plain and make sure you opt for a neutral colours or black.  Just focus of adding prints with layers on top.

Regular black pants – Rs 2499

Striped crop top – Rs 749

Navy blue floral jacket – Rs 1209


  • Monochrome and basics to the rescue


Always remember if you’re still not good at the print on print game you can blindly opt for monochrome and basics since they’re a save bet and one cannot go wrong with it. Opt for a black and white bottom and pair it with your basics like stripes or checks or florals. And the best part is, you can opt for absolutely any colour with a monochrome bottom.

Checked A Line skirt – Rs 639

Floral strappy top – Rs 2890




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