How To Fight Through Depression, Which Is Rising At An Alarming Rate Among The Millennials

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Depression is definitely one of the most severe forms of mental afflictions that often go unnoticed until it becomes acute. It wreaks havoc on your psychological and social well-being. Nowadays, it is rising at an alarming rate among the millennials. Even though the millennial generation is highly educated, confident, tech savvy and very ambitious; they suffer from chronic stress and anxiety. They are so courageous, so much so that they do not even think twice before taking their own lives. There is a lot of pressure and competition all around to get everything sorted. People are constantly worried about the future. Others are not happy with their jobs and want something better. Some are apprehensive about getting a good college degree and a successful career. There is no marital bliss in some people’s lives. In today’s competitive world, Darwin’s theory is certainly true. Only the fittest can survive. The depression epidemic is sweeping through the millennial generation like never before. However, with the advancement in healthcare, technology and medicine, depression is curable. It may be a severe mental illness, but it is entirely treatable, depending on the level from mild to severe. Here are a few tips on how to fight through depression.

Exercise and set a routine

Exercising regularly tends to release endorphins, which are a feel good hormone. Since depression is associated with emotions and mental health, endorphins will help in boosting happiness and positivity. This will take care of stress and anxiety to a certain extent. Getting into a routine will make you more organized and disciplined.

Set realistic goals

When you are depressed, you might have premonitions that something bad is going to happen and you tend to think lowly of yourself. But setting small and realistic goals helps in fighting through it. Set a goal that you can accomplish. For example, walking your dog everyday.

Visit a Psychiatrist

It is wise to seek medical help if you feel like you are severely depressed or if anything bothers you continuously. Always remember that communication is very important. You have to be honest with your doctor.

A healthy diet

It is good to have a balanced and healthy diet if you’re suffering from depression. Depression might lead to binge eating. So it is important to watch what you eat.

Try something new

Do something that you have never done before. Get out of your comfort zone and get some thrill and excitement into your life. When you challenge yourself to do something fresh and exciting, it changes the levels of dopamine in your brain, which is associated with relaxation, intellect and pleasure.


If you are clinically depressed, antidepressants are very useful drugs in treating depression. Always use antidepressants that are prescribed to you by your therapist.

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and Meditation are two miraculous natural remedies for the treatment of depression. Meditating and practicing Yoga daily is a good relief from stress and anxiety. It also lifts your spirits, gives you self-confidence and feelings of goodwill.


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