Holiday Essentials: What To Pack For The Perfect Getaway

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We all love going on holidays, don’t we! The promise of a lovely getaway is a great source of rejuvenation, motivation and fun. However, holiday packing can be quite a task! The entire process of planning and packing can be very stressful but this is the one time that you could actually wear whatever you want! However, that does not mean that you would unnecessarily hoard everything you’ve got. So, you’ve booked your flight tickets and an amazing room with a view at the beautiful resort. Now be organized and practical and let us help you pack without your suitcase looking like an ongoing Primark sale!

A Kaftan

A Kaftan is an absolute must have in your holiday wardrobe. It is elegant, easy to wear and super comfortable.



Forget heels, unless you’re going to Saint Tropez or Vegas. Trust us, a pair of stylish flats is your best friend. You could probably pack a pair of wedges though.


A sexy bikini will work wonders for your holiday essentials. (You could bring as many as you want!).

A Denim Shirt



A denim shirt is a piece of multi-purpose clothing when it comes to looking chic and stylish. You could travel in this shirt and also wear it during the day. It also works as the perfect beach cover up if you forget to bring one.

A Summer Dress

A relaxed and easy breezy summer dress is perfect for the day and the night.

A pair of Jeans and Denim Shorts


You could wear jeans on the plane, so that it does not take up unnecessary room in your suitcase. And a pair of cute denim shorts to explore the city.


Sunglasses- Opt for a classic pair of sunglasses with an excellent UV ray filter.

A Sunhat- Yes, one will do please!



Jewelry- It is wise to not bring your most expensive jewelry with you. Chances are, they would probably go missing because the careless you would forget where you put them. However, you could wear a beautiful pair of earrings or a bracelet while travelling and not pack any extras in your bag.

P.S – Always remember to roll, not fold your things in the suitcase, as rolling will give you more space in the bag and prevent your clothes from creasing. Travel light and don’t forget to keep it comfortable and stylish!

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