Happy Socks: Making Colourful Socks A Style Statement Since 2008

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Quality, Creativity and Craftsmanship: These are the three elements that are symbolic of Happy Socks. Founded in 2008, by Victor Tell and Mikael Soderlindh, Happy Socks is not your average socks and underwear label. This Swedish brand is high on drama, preppiness and colour imagery. It was also the first Unisex fashion sock brand that produced colourful socks, before it became a style statement.


Driven to create something innovative out of the already established basics, Victor and Mikael have redefined the way we perceive everyday essential items like socks and underwear. This label offers stylish socks in a wide gamut of colours and unique prints and patterns. It boasts of unconventional styles, high quality, fine expertise and originality. Happy Socks represents a young, happy and free-spirited lifestyle. It does not cater to the conventional norms of the society and believes in just being happy, free and personal. This brand is dynamic, versatile and global. From Tokyo to Stockholm to Los Angeles, Happy Socks have successfully managed to establish their presence. It is especially made for people who love a riot of colour. Colourful socks have now become a part of fashion and lifestyle, thanks to these creative thinkers.






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