‘Ganga’ by Mayyur Girotra: A Tribute To The Traditional Weavers Of Banaras

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There is something so pure, magical and timeless about the classics, isn’t it? It helps us revisit the richness of our culture, heritage and colorful past. And what better way to express this feeling through an awe-inspiring collection! We are glad to introduce Mayyur Girotra, a talented designer who pays homage to the mighty and powerful Ganga through his collection entitled ‘GANGA’ – a fashion compendium dedicated to the traditional weavers of Banaras. This beautiful collection is an amalgamation of ancient Indian art, historical sensibilities and contemporary silhouettes.

Inspired by the appealing architecture and primitive temples of Banaras, pure silk and linen fabrics are hand woven gracefully into beautiful outfits that reflect the vibrancy and richness of the holy shrine of the Ganges.

The weavers of Banaras are well known for their superior workmanship. Mayyur Girotra takes pride in supporting these hardworking craftsmen and their families, and further plans to expand his collection by bringing in such talented craftsmen who can make this capsule collection, commercially viable.

Here is the collection:




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