Denim Jacket : A Fashion Staple

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Denim Jacket : A fashion Staple

After years of debate it is now official that the denim jacket is a bonafide perennial fashion must have in every girls wardrobe. A denim jacket is one of those things that cannot look wrong even if you tried hard to make it, as long as it fits well and has its own voice to boot.

A denim jacket can say a lot of things, it could say “I don’t care” or “I pay attention to details” or “I love all things rugged”,  “I love rock and roll” or “bikes are my life” yes a simple denim jacket can say a lot without really having to speak, the shape of the jacket and every little detail on it adds personality, like mine reminds me of a military disciplinarian with all the buttons, the structure and the loops.

Denim Jacket : All Weather Fashion

A light denim jacket, like this, is a piece for all weathers and all occasions, it can be a makeover maker or a master of disguises, it could take you from night to day without having to step into your house, it can add a touch of casual chic to to an overly formal outfit or a dose of ruggedness to feminine frills.

Styling Denim Jacket On A DressIt pairs easily with just about anything and is insanely versatile. I personally love to throw on my denim jacket over cotton dresses that are a perennial favourite of mine. This dress screams of summer  with its floral and paisley print and blue green hue, but throw on a denim jacket and the dress starts to speak a different language, it becomes fall winter appropriate add another layer of leggings and boots and you would be ready for the cold winter evenings too.

It never gets cold enough for boots where I stay (sob sob) so all I need is a denim jacket to get comfortable through a tropical winter day.

Styling Denim Jacket On A Dress

What is your favourite way of wearing and pairing your denim jacket? Let me know and do share some pictures too.

Styling Denim Jacket On A Dress

Denim Jacket Paired With A Saree

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