Basics of Fashion Styling

Many envy a successful career in fashion. There are probably very few professions that can rival the glamour of being a fashion guru. The world of fashion is definitely one of the most watched and many people are always concerned about what other people wear, celebrity or not. If you wish to work in this fabulous field as a fashion stylist or image consultant, then start with our program.

Fashion stylists can earn pretty well while prettifying well-known personalities and other individuals. They can work as an independent consultant or be employed by a fashion brand or a company that needs professional styling for their talents. Industries such as film, television, advertising, and publishing all need a good stylist to make most of their projects successful.

The Course

 The course has been designed for budding stylists keen to take their first steps in this popular fashion career path. This styling course looks at the contemporary fashion media, the current fashion image and the day-to-day working life of a fashion stylist. You will learn about the different types of contemporary fashion image, key industry creatives, how and where to find inspiration, how to research a story and answer commercial and creative briefs. Taught by a successful working stylist, this course is taught from an industry perspective and is full of insider knowledge and tips.

 Course Modules:

  • Module 1: Role of the fashion stylist
  • Module 2: Who are the key figures influencing fashion right now? Fashion photographers, stylists, and magazines
  • Module 3: The roles of the stylist in contemporary fashion media
  • Module 4: A practical guide and tips for working as a fashion stylist and preparing shoots
  • Module 5: How to communicate with different professionals within the fashion industry (Editors, PRs, Model Agencies)
  • Module 6: Trends: What are they, how do we spot them, and can we predict them?
  • Module 7: A guide to researching and pitching contemporary fashion editorial concepts
  • Module 8: How to begin putting together your own portfolio as a stylist.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this course you will have gained a good understanding of the role of a fashion stylist and how this role has developed, gained an insight into how the fashion media industry is structured and how the fashion stylists fit into it, discovered key places to look to find new trends and learnt how trends will influence your work as a fashion stylist, received insider tips on fashion styling from an industry expert

Duration : 8 Weeks / 3 to 5 hours per week

Cost : Rs 12500 /-

Start Date: Feb 1, 2019

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