Beauty Trends: Our Favourite Makeup Trends For Autumn/Winter 2017

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While we are enjoying the kick of the pouring rain, it is almost time for another captivating season, Autumn/Winter! We have had our fair share of wonderful summer and monsoon beauty trends and now it is time to get experimental and for styles to get recycled and updated. From London, Paris, New York to India, we have stalked the runways from every fashion week and have curated some of the best hair and makeup trends to look fabulous in the delightful fall!

The Statement Manicure

It’s all about the nails this season! Perfectly manicured nails, dramatic nail art, floral designs, studs and crystals etc. are going to be big. Our advise to you – book an appointment at your favorite salon immediately!

Minimal Beauty

You can cut down on all of that contouring! Let this season teach you a thing or two about being natural, minimal and sophisticated. Being polished, subtle and well groomed should be the key words in your beauty and makeup dictionary.

The Classic Red Pout

Good news for all the Taylor Swift fans out there! The red lip will make a considerable comeback this season. Bare minimal makeup and red lips! Can it get better?

That Glow!

A well-highlighted face and a dreamy glow is all we need in the cold weather.


Colourful Eyes

Define your eyes and make a statement with bold and colourful eye makeup.

Bleach That Brow

Yes, bleached eyebrows are a thing now!

Sleek and Straight

Long, straight and shiny hair is not going anywhere soon.

Images: Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar




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