Anita Dongre Graces New York With Two Flagship Stores

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One of the most eminent and internationally recognized fashion designers in India, Anita Dongre is the personification of a classic multi-tasker. A go-getter, a successful entrepreneur and a philanthropist at heart, Anita Dongre has revolutionized Indian fashion on a global scale. She is a pioneer in the revival of traditional Indian crafts and indigenous textiles. An avid humanitarian, this ace designer is an active PETA member and works towards the empowerment of women and development of rural artisans.

Her thriving fashion empire consists of a plethora of prominent brands- AND, Global Desi, her eponymous label ‘Anita Dongre’ and the more recently launched GRASSROOT. She caters to pret, luxury, bridal couture, ethnic wear, western wear and sustainable and organic clothing. From Bollywood A listers to Kate Middleton, this talented designer is a favorite and has a huge fan following. Her impeccable sense of style is reflected vividly through her marvelous creations.

With the launch of two flagship stores in Soho, New York, this veteran designer has firmly marked her territory in the West – ‘Grassroot’ the eco-friendly label that specializes in beautiful organic garments and her couture label ‘Anita Dongre’, which caters to exquisite and artistic bridal wear. She wants to bring India to the world by giving the people, a glimpse of the beauty of Indian handloom and excellent artisanal craftsmanship. Also, she wants to make Indian couture easily available for the Indian brides who are based abroad. Thus, with so many eventful occurrences in her life, there is no looking back. She truly paints a beautiful picture of her Indian heritage with the world as her canvas.


Images:Forbes India and Vogue



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