5 Essential Jewelry Cleaning Tips You Would Need Post Holi

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By Prernaa Makhariaa / Jewellery Designer, Jewellery Blogger & Founder : Styleprer.com


Each year on the festive occasion of Holi, few things are a constant fixture – from wearing white to going berserk with colors (though eco-friendly and organic colors is the latest trend).
While we put in all our effort to get our skin back to the best, wash away our color-stained linen, ever thought how you are going to polish off your jewelry and gems (in case you wear them on Holi) and give them a spic and span look? Here are some tips which will surely come to aid.

Cleaning with Care


Get dressed in your best jewelry while playing Holi. But once the celebrations are over, see to it that you clean them in the right way. You can also store your ornaments in zip-lock bags so that no air contamination happens. This will help avoid pigmentation due to oxidisation.

For Platinum, Silver And Gold Jewelry


Although we highly recommend to avoid wearing precious ornaments, if you do happen to wear them, here’s what it is. When jewelry metals get exposed to wet skin (due to humidity and sogginess in the air), dark and colored spots begin to appear on the ornaments and in the stones. Take a soft brush and remove these spots using lukewarm soapy water.

Pearl Cleaning


Pearl ornaments are usually made out of layers of nacre which are soft and could easily get damaged or eaten away with chemicals, harsh sunlight and alcohol. Wearing Pearls on Holi is a BIG NO, however the best way to get your cultured pearls back to their shining glory is by very gently washing with fingers in mild, soapy water for seconds.

For Diamond And Gemstone Cleaning


If you want to play Holi whole-heartedly, then avoid wearing a delicate diamond or gemstone marvel. Yet if your diamonds get tinted, then soak them in warm water after mixing 1 to 2 drops of ammonia-based household cleaner such as a gentle liquid dishwasher. Take a gentle toothbrush to remove residues that build up on the jeweled ornaments. Now follow it up by rinsing your jewels in plain water and air-drying them or wiping off with a soft dry cloth.


Professional Care

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If your mind is on getting faster and workable options on cleaning stained jewels by Holi colors, then use a professional cleaning spray. Just spray it on the ornament or dip them in the solution and leave it for a minute. Then rinse it thoroughly in plain water.
It’s the best time to make that over due visit to your trusted jeweller, cause nobody, better than him can sparkle your jewelry.

Styleprer would advise you to avoid wearing or wear minimal jewelry on Holi. This way, you can enjoy the occasion whole-heartedly with your friends and family, without having to worry about the after-effects on your precious ornaments. Worst of all loosing them.
Wishing you all a very Happy, Colorful and Safe Holi!


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